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  • Ghetto Gaggers New Puppy New Toys

    Ghetto Gaggers New Puppy New Toys

    We took our new puppy to Petco for squeaky toys. She loves playing with them and barks when she can’t have them. Later on, we had some fun by giving her some special treats: multiple dicks in all of her holes, including a white boy cumming inside her for the first time. She also got…

  • Ghetto Gaggers Butt Munch

    Ghetto Gaggers Butt Munch

    Cutie eagerly complied with the commands and let her partner penetrate her from behind. She opened wide to receive his large member, and happily bowed down in submission after he deposited a hefty load of cum inside her. She was then rewarded for her obedience with a face full of semen. An Ebony Slut Obediently…

  • Ghetto Gaggers First DP And Gets The White Delight

    Ghetto Gaggers First DP And Gets The White Delight

    She never expected her first dp to be by two white guys, but she loved those white dicks. She throated them and went full porcelain as they face-fucked her. She ate ass, got bred, and took loads of cum to her face. She was covered in seminal syrup like a waffle house pancake. A Black…

  • Ghetto Gaggers Bashful BBW

    Ghetto Gaggers Bashful BBW

    She took the white dick obediently. She swallowed and was filled from two different sources. He bred her before wed, and she begged for his huge load. He fucked her fat ass from behind and she swallowed three loads of cum at once. An Obedient Whore Face Fucked And Bred On GhettoGaggers.com

  • Facial Abuse Needing A Breeding

    Facial Abuse Needing A Breeding

    This chick with the slender neck and perky breasts craved the thrill of being dominated. She swallowed large cocks until she could barely take anymore, then was hosed off afterwards. She received double penetration and her delicate rose-colored rear looked as if it was yearning for a kiss. She begged for more even after being…

  • Ghetto Gaggers Spit Roasted Bred Toasted

    Ghetto Gaggers Spit Roasted Bred Toasted

    She loves sipping yellow discipline and inhaling dick like oxygen. She enjoys serving and obeying, even getting DP’d and taking a just-peeled dick like a banana. Then she was bred, taking 3 loads to the face and being fucked hard doggy style–all with her face covered in jizz while she stared off into the distance.…

  • Facial Abuse Hot Wife Is Now An Ex Wife

    Facial Abuse Hot Wife Is Now An Ex Wife

    Husband was unhappy she was bred, but she didn’t care. She wanted to conceive badly, so Vaccinated Vandal filled her up with safe semen. She ingested two dicks at once and drank the yellow d from a phallic faucet while getting pounded from behind. Her marriage had ended, but she still got her three pops…

  • Facial Abuse First Timer Bred and Sodomized Hard

    Facial Abuse First Timer Bred and Sodomized Hard

    This chick was hot with great titties and long legs. She took a DP like a champ, but wasn’t keen on yellow discipline. Her boyfriend couldn’t deliver like we do, so she took a load in her pink pussy. Then she got 3 loads to her face and was bent over, followed by a whore…

  • Ghetto Gaggers Basketball Mom

    Ghetto Gaggers Basketball Mom

    This Black Milf is sacrificing herself for her family, body in top shape, and working to pay for their education. Here she is, ready to face the challenge of getting her face fucked, ass fucked, and double-penetrated like the hot wife that she is. She gasps as the white cock pushes deep inside her black…

  • Ghetto Gaggers Sassy Black

    Ghetto Gaggers Sassy Black

    After consuming a box of Red Lobster cheddar biscuits, her wit was sharper than ever and she was ready to fire off sassy responses. But they thoroughly dominated her physically, reinforcing their dominance over her. She kept her spirit up but had her boundaries enforced. They went back and forth with them performing A2M and…