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  • Facial Abuse Bimbo ‘Bused And Bred

    Facial Abuse Bimbo ‘Bused And Bred

    Who doesn’t love a blonde bimbo. Especially one who does what she’s told. She has her funny moments, like when a bucket of cow-lick is dumped on her head and she shivers as if the holy ghost is inside her. She devours the old man bootleg’s ass and moves swiftly with ferocity. She drinks up […]

  • Facial Abuse Bred And Spread

    Facial Abuse Bred And Spread

    I lust for her. I want to explore every contour of her arousing curves and feel the warmth of her against my skin. I hunger for the succulent taste of her plump clit between my lips. Her pussy clings onto me as if she wants me to never let go, a pleasurable prison designed to […]

  • Facial Abuse Milf Marauders

    Facial Abuse Milf Marauders

    The face of this whore twisted in agony and she was degraded. She felt hard slaps smacking against her skin, parched with tears of punishment that streamed down her cheeks like liquid shame. They reduced her to a sub-human state and she embraced it eagerly, hungrily devouring any pleasure they offered her. With every thrust […]

  • Facial Abuse Ho Lee Fuk

    Facial Abuse Ho Lee Fuk

    An Asian babe with an ample chest consumed some lo mein before being orally pleasured on FacialAbuse. She got a hard throat banging that caused her to vomit all over herself. The guys took turns abusing her lady parts and rectum. She orally satisfied one of the men and drank his semen, and was penetrated […]

  • Facial Abuse Vax On Blondes

    Facial Abuse Vax On Blondes

    This stunning blonde had her world rocked by two powerful cocks. Her throat was skillfully worked until she was craving for more pleasure and satisfaction. Alternating between deep pussy slamming and amazing oral sex, the guys took turns pleasuring her as well as giving her every bit of pleasure she desired. By the end of […]

  • Facial Abuse Arab Anal Creampie

    Facial Abuse Arab Anal Creampie

    A Middle Eastern slut gets a butt-centric creampie on FacialAbuse. Her poop hole got loaded up with velvety colonizer goodness. However, before this, her throat was all bored by two dicks. She yapped like a decent little pup with a rope on, got twofold infiltrated before three burdens were unloaded all around her face. Don’t […]

  • Facial Abuse Her Boyfriend Found Out

    Facial Abuse Her Boyfriend Found Out

    Watch this slut come back for a rough blowjob after her boyfriend finds her first movie on FacialAbuse. The guys amped her by putting her throat on their cock until it was a mess. She got pieces of different situations to eat a man’s ass. Her pussy was pounded and turned into a creampie and […]

  • Facial Abuse Plan B

    Facial Abuse Plan B

    Another cum filled pussy dribbling. Hopefully the Vaccinated Vandal is free on this one since she recently popped + on one of those at home preggo tests. Ideally it’s a broken test like those nasal swabs were a couple of years back. She got screwed extremely hard and mauled like every feminist marxist desires. That […]

  • Facial Abuse Bred Brat

    Facial Abuse Bred Brat

    A bred brat gets a rough throat fucking on FacialAbuse. She took two hard cocks down her throat until her face was covered in slop. Once she was done with being face fucked, she was fucked deep in her pussy in various ways. She begged to be bred and took a thick, juicy nut in […]

  • Facial Abuse Farkus

    Facial Abuse Farkus

    This red-headed bitch powered through an extreme face fucking on FacialAbuse. Her ginger wig came off, revealing a ginger mullet. She’s looking like Farkus! She took the cocks down her throat, then ate man ass while being fucked. Her legs were spread open, and she lay there getting pounded for a creampie until it was […]