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  • Black Payback Breeding Time

    Black Payback Breeding Time

    The tiny white female was petite in stature; she had to have weighed no more than 100 pounds. She opened her mouth wide to take two black cocks deep inside her head, like a toy with a squeaky voice. The obedient submissive then drank down a stream of semen from the two large ebony dicks. […]

  • Ghetto Gaggers Waffle House Vibes

    Ghetto Gaggers Waffle House Vibes

    She threw hands at the Vaccinated Vandal, but he de-escalated it by asking her to stop. The night continued with epic face-fucking, double penetration, ass-to-mouth and ass-eating. Afterwards, he bred her and ejaculated a big white load in her pussy; she was not pleased but she finally got bred after nine times and received three […]

  • Facial Abuse Bimbo ‘Bused And Bred

    Facial Abuse Bimbo ‘Bused And Bred

    Who doesn’t love a blonde bimbo. Especially one who does what she’s told. She has her funny moments, like when a bucket of cow-lick is dumped on her head and she shivers as if the holy ghost is inside her. She devours the old man bootleg’s ass and moves swiftly with ferocity. She drinks up […]

  • Ghetto Gaggers Black First Timer Bred by White Dick

    Ghetto Gaggers Black First Timer Bred by White Dick

    As more scenes are filmed of voluptuous black women getting filled with white semen, the probability that a paternity letter will arrive for my partner increases. It’s not an ideal situation, but before this imagined circumstance began, she had been taking two white penises like a professional at 19 years old. Instead of sipping purple […]

  • Facial Abuse Bred And Spread

    Facial Abuse Bred And Spread

    I lust for her. I want to explore every contour of her arousing curves and feel the warmth of her against my skin. I hunger for the succulent taste of her plump clit between my lips. Her pussy clings onto me as if she wants me to never let go, a pleasurable prison designed to […]

  • Black Payback Breeding Blondie

    Black Payback Breeding Blondie

    It wasn’t long ago we Kings would have been in trouble for breeding a blonde. Thanks to Brother Farrakhan and Adam Kinzinger, we could. I had her kneel and open her mouth for yellow discipline. As I was relieving myself, I realized most restrooms are white then fucked her face. We spit-roasted her and I […]

  • Ghetto Gaggers Baby Momma Day

    Ghetto Gaggers Baby Momma Day

    She was bred to please. On her special day, he gifted a large load of cum into her hood pussy. She was unrecognizable in pleasure as she got DP’d and fed his white cock right into her mouth. An anal hook through her collar kept her bent back presented as proper. When the load gushed […]

  • Facial Abuse Milf Marauders

    Facial Abuse Milf Marauders

    The face of this whore twisted in agony and she was degraded. She felt hard slaps smacking against her skin, parched with tears of punishment that streamed down her cheeks like liquid shame. They reduced her to a sub-human state and she embraced it eagerly, hungrily devouring any pleasure they offered her. With every thrust […]

  • Black Payback Dick Downed Defined

    Black Payback Dick Downed Defined

    This pale cave dweller showed us today how her anatomy was not designed for a BBC. She took it deep to demonstrate her support against systemic oppression, gasping loudly with Gollum-like lips as I thrust hard. When I finished, she ate my cum like a feign. Get your password and start watching the complete video […]

  • Ghetto Gaggers 19 Stripped and Whipped

    Ghetto Gaggers 19 Stripped and Whipped

    This little slut took every inch of two white cocks, and was restrained while doing so. Her lips were smooth and her throat was perfect for fucking. When the balls banged off her chin she made these hilarious cowboy noises. She had to drink a lot of YD because she was very obedient, despite some […]