Facial Abuse Bred And Spread

I lust for her. I want to explore every contour of her arousing curves and feel the warmth of her against my skin. I hunger for the succulent taste of her plump clit between my lips. Her pussy clings onto me as if she wants me to never let go, a pleasurable prison designed to enslave me into submission. The Vaccinated Vandal ravages her delicate figure with barbaric brutality, leaving not one inch of flesh untouched. Bootleg tenderizes her body with his sickening paddles until she is an unrecognizable mass of pure pain. She finds herself unable to escape their grip as theydp her mercilessly, learning the hard way that pleasure sometimes comes with a hefty price tag. He sinks in the Figure Whore Leg Lock as her screams ricochet off the walls like gunfire, finally releasing her when she’s been reduced to a quivering mess of fear and humiliation. They attack her face without pause, showing no mercy until they deposit their filth all over her features and matted hair. Like a rabid animal she hungrily licks up every drop of semen like it was souvlaki.

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